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What is Desktop Virtualization?

The video highlights the benefits of stateful virtual desktops, including their ability to reduce infrastructure costs, increase flexibility, and secure an organization's most valuable data. Virtual desktops leverage the power of centralized servers to host user sessions in virtual machines, which can be accessed from any computing device as if it were a physical computer.

10 Benefits Businesses can Leverage from Virtual Desktops

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) revolutionizes how organizations operate, offering benefits that range from enhanced flexibility to streamlined IT management. Here’s a comprehensive look at how VDI addresses key organizational needs:

  1. Enhanced Flexibility: Highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for adaptable work environments has never been clearer. VDI supports remote work by providing access from any location with internet connectivity, significantly improving workplace flexibility. This adaptability is bolstered by support for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, allowing for quick scalability and efficient resource utilization.
  2. Boosted Productivity: VDI minimizes downtime by enabling seamless remote access and allowing for quick device switches. It empowers IT departments to rapidly deploy new applications across all virtual desktops, ensuring continuous operational flow and reducing delays.
  3. Strengthened Security: Centralizing data storage and processing with VDI reduces the risk of data breaches and malware. Regularly updated applications close security gaps, while the robust security of cloud hosting adds an extra layer of defence to each virtual desktop.
  4. Cost Efficiency: By consolidating IT resources and leveraging Desktop as a Service (DaaS), virtual desktops decrease the need for physical hardware and individual software licenses. This approach lowers overall IT costs and optimizes resource distribution.
  5. Simplified IT Management: The centralized nature of VDI simplifies the deployment of software updates and the enforcement of security policies, ensuring a secure and uniform IT environment. This centralization reduces the administrative load and enhances operational uniformity.
  6. Scalable Resources: VDI’s inherent flexibility allows businesses to dynamically adjust IT resources based on current demand, ensuring optimal use of resources without significant hardware investments.
  7. Improved Disaster Recovery: Virtual desktops ensure business continuity with quick recovery capabilities in the event of system failures, minimizing operational impact and maintaining stakeholder confidence.
  8. Centralized Troubleshooting: A unified approach to IT support facilitates faster problem-solving, reducing downtime and allowing teams to focus on their main projects instead of technical glitches.
  9. Effective Geo-replication: Storing data across multiple locations ensures that users can access necessary information even if one site’s hardware fails, preventing delays in projects and avoiding financial losses.
  10. Efficient Dynamic Updating: Virtual desktops streamline the software update process, ensuring updates are stable and reducing the need for further IT intervention post-installation. This maintains uninterrupted access to applications, boosting overall productivity.

Discover how you can benefit more with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

If you want data security, lower operating costs, smoother processes and fewer glitches, consider making the change to a virtual desktop no matter if your users are working from your office or from home. As an employer, you’ll enjoy greater access control and can identify unnecessary data usage. With greater control, less downtime and more cost savings, your workplace and users will become more productive while you reduce costs at the same time.

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Virtual Desktops Let You Work
From Anywhere, Anytime!

A virtual desktop is a cloud-based desktop environment hosted on a remote server and accessed over the internet. Users interact with their virtual desktop as they would with a traditional desktop computer, but the computing resources are supplied by a remote server instead of a local machine.
Unlike being tied down to a physical desktop in one spot. They're perfect for businesses that need their teams to have secure access to their work environment on any device.

The Flexibility Virtual Desktops offer for Scaling Up or Down is a Game-Changer

Need to set up new team members quickly or reduce resources during slow periods? Virtual desktops provide a powerful solution for enhancing operational efficiency, security, and flexibility across various organizational landscapes. They make it extremely easy to adapt, keeping your business agile and prepared for whatever comes next.

Leading providers in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) Solutions

If you seek data security, lower operating costs, smoother processes, and fewer glitches, consider transitioning to a virtual desktop whether your users work from the office or from home. As an employer, you will enjoy enhanced access control and the ability to identify unnecessary data usage. With greater control, reduced downtime, and increased cost savings, your workplace and users will become more productive, while you simultaneously reduce costs.

Below are a few VDI providers we partner with:

VMware, Inc.

Horizon Cloud is renowned for its comprehensive virtualization solutions that enhance enterprise mobility and security. It is best known for its management of virtual machines.

Horizon 8 empowers the enterprise by providing a familiar and secure computing environment for end users they can access anywhere, anytime

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) 

GreenLake is celebrated for its flexibility in supporting remote workforces with an as-a-service model that simplifies IT management and scales with business needs. It is particularly suited for remote workforces.

Empower your remote workforce with HPE GreenLake for VDI. 
Secure productivity to empower your distributed workforce. Provide secure virtual desktops to users wherever they work, whenever they need, from any device, on demand.

Dell Technologies

Renowned for comprehensive end-to-end solutions and specializing in customizable VDI options, Dell enhances efficiency and security across diverse IT environments.

Learn how the PowerEdge T560 delivers exceptional VDI performance with the latest NVIDIA L4 GPUs. We leveraged 3 standard benchmarks to assess VM density, user experience, and graphics performance across a variety of industry applications and workloads.