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Introducing the Juniper AI-Native Networking Platform: Make Every Connection Count

When you shift your network focus to the experience of a great connection, everything changes. Juniper Networks’ AI-Native Networking is a platform designed to do just that. It’s designed specifically for AI from the ground up, and not as an afterthought. Juniper assures exceptional experiences with its AI-Native Networking Platform – where every connection is reliable, measurable and secure.

Juniper Networks & Aston Martin F1 Racing - F1 Racing Driven by Mist AI

Juniper is ​the official network of the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team. Hear from the AMF1 race team and IT team about how the network is a crucial connection between the racetrack and headquarters. When the network is time critical, AMF1 chose Juniper Networks as the right partner to achieve their high performance goals.

Deliver Unparalleled Assurance Across Your Entire Network

What if you could reduce wi-fi helpdesk tickets by Juniper AI-Native Networking Platform: Deliver Elevated Experiences Across Every Domain 90%, prevent up to 85% of networking onsite visits, AND make network solution deployments 9x faster? Discover how you can achieve all that and more with Juniper’s AI-Native Networking Platform

Juniper Networks to Combine with HPE: Accelerating AI-Native Networking Leadership

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Network Scalability that Just Keeps Going 

Network architectures have shifted, and it is more critical than ever for cloud operators, service providers, and to prepare their networks for the unexpected. The tenfold increase in application and service data centers are fueling the ever-increasing demand for improved performance and scalable technology.

Juniper's 400G and 800G routing and switching portfolio offers the industry’s most comprehensive and high-performing platforms designed to improve customer experiences. Choose from Juniper’s broad 400G and 800G portfolio including PTX Series Packet Transport Routers, MX Series Universal Routing Platforms, ACX Series Universal Metro Routers, and QFX Series Switches. These solutions increase performance and sustainable efficiencies throughout your infrastructure while keeping your network secure, versatile, and cost optimized for the experience-first era.

Ethernet Fabrics for GenAI workloads

In this video, Sharada Yeluri, Senior Director of Engineering at Juniper Networks, describes the traffic patterns between the GPUs during LLM and GenAI model training and how to optimize the network topologies for these traffic patterns. She compares the different switch options and the challenges in controlling congestion and improving the performance of training workloads.

Introducing the AI-Native Networking Platform

The AI-Native Networking Platform stands out as the industry's sole provider of true AIOps with unmatched assurance in a unified cloud environment, facilitating seamless management across the entire network. This platform ensures that each connection is reliable, measurable, and secure. Additionally, it enables the creation of highly performant and adaptive network infrastructures, tailored for the connectivity, data volume, and speed demands of mission-critical AI workloads.

  • Up to 90% fewer networking trouble tickets

  • Up to 85% reduction in networking OpEX

  • Up to 50% less time to reach networking incident resolution

Happy Customers, Real Results

Discover how customers are transforming the way people connect, work, and live.

Juniper Leading the Networking Revolution

Juniper Networks stands as a global leader in networking solutions, offering a wide array of products and services tailored to the needs of modern digital infrastructure. Juniper's networking infrastructure facilitates seamless communication between headquarters, branch offices, and remote workers, fostering efficient collaboration and resource sharing on a global scale.

6 Advantages of Juniper Networking Solutions

Deliver speed, Agility, and Best-in-class Service Experiences
Uncover the six key benefits that Juniper Networks offers businesses seeking to build robust and scalable networking infrastructures, from high performance to simplified management and continuous innovation.

  1. High Performance: Juniper Networks is renowned for its high-performance networking solutions, which are designed to deliver low latency, high throughput, and reliable connectivity. Whether you're transmitting large volumes of data, supporting real-time applications, or handling heavy network traffic, Juniper's networking products excel in providing the performance needed to meet demanding requirements.
  2. Security: Security is a top priority in today's digital landscape, and Juniper Networks prioritizes security throughout its product portfolio. With advanced security features such as next-generation firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and threat intelligence services, Juniper helps organizations safeguard their networks against cyber threats, unauthorized access, and data breaches.
  3. Scalability: Juniper Networks offers scalable networking solutions that can grow with your business. Whether you're expanding your operations, adding new users, or deploying additional services, Juniper's networking products provide scalability options that allow you to easily accommodate increasing demands without compromising performance or reliability.
  4. Simplified Management: Juniper Networks provides intuitive management tools and centralized management platforms that simplify the configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of network infrastructure. With features such as automation, orchestration, and network analytics, Juniper helps streamline network operations, improve efficiency, and reduce administrative overhead.
  5. Reliability: Juniper Networks is known for its reliable networking solutions, which are built to deliver consistent performance and uptime even in the most demanding environments. With features such as hardware redundancy, failover mechanisms, and self-healing capabilities, Juniper's networking products minimize downtime and ensure continuous operation, enhancing business continuity and customer satisfaction.
  6. Innovation: Juniper Networks is at the forefront of networking innovation, continuously developing new technologies and solutions to address evolving business needs and industry trends. Whether it's advancements in cloud networking, software-defined networking (SDN), or intent-based networking, Juniper remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that help organizations stay ahead of the curve and achieve their strategic objectives.

The Rise of AI in AI-Native Networking

Experience the real–world benefits of AIOps in enterprise networking​ and see why thousands have switched to the leader in AI & cloud.

Juniper Networks has upended IT operations with artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science. Now, Marvis not only fixes your network but helps you access troves of knowledge about networking.

Revolutionizing Networking with Juniper MX Series

At the forefront of Juniper's offerings lies the Juniper MX Series, renowned for its scalability, reliability, and versatility. These routers are engineered to meet the growing demands of data centers, service providers, and enterprise networks, supporting advanced features such as segment routing, virtualization, and automation.

University of Sussex Brings Digital Campus to Life with Juniper Networks

The University of Sussex, one of the leading research universities in the world, is investing in its vision of being “a better university for a better world.” Sussex is creating a smart, connected campus with Juniper Mist AI-Native Networking to improve students’ digital experiences and support the university’s growing research needs.

Juniper puts Your Experience First

Juniper prioritizes user experiences, emphasizing that a seamless network is crucial in the cloud era. The focus is on network architects, builders, and operators, ensuring that all users—whether employees, customers, patients, or students—achieve maximum productivity and engagement. With an Experience-First Networking approach, Juniper enhances connectivity from client to cloud through AI-driven insights and automation, spanning wired and wireless access, SD-WAN, security, and cloud-ready data center components.

For tailored Juniper networking solutions, reach out to ServerDirect to match their offerings with your needs.

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