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Elevate Business Productivity with AMD EPYC™

AMD processors offers a winning value combo of low price and world-class technology. Their most powerful CPU is affordable and provides super-fast performance due to its inherently high quality architecture, hardware, and frequent updates made available through its dedicated software developers.

  • Exceptional performance for cloud, enterprise, and HPC workloads

  • Cutting-edge security features with AMD Infinity Guard1

  • Outstanding return on IT investment

  • Energy-efficient

  • Broad ecosystem support

Benefits AMD Processors

  • High performance for multi-core tasks like gaming and content creation

  • Energy-efficient architecture for better performance and efficiency

  • More affordable compared to competitors, offering high value

  • Supports cutting-edge technologies and broad motherboard compatibility

  •  Ideal for a wide range of computing needs from everyday use to professional applications

AMD and HPE Power El Capitan Exascale-Level Supercomputer for AI-Driven Research

Designed to be one of the world’s largest supercomputers, El Capitan at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California is expected to be the world’s first supercomputer to use the AMD Instinct MI300A accelerated processing unit (APU). The MI300A combines CPU and GPU processing on a single die, to bring new levels of exascale computing to the research community. The anticipated result is never-before-possible simulations and modeling that can drive large-scale scientific discoveries.

Powering Innovation Across Industries

The PlayStation maker, Sony is one of AMD biggest customer. AMD's innovative chips are integrated into a variety of applications, including select Tesla models, the groundbreaking NASA Mars Perseverance rover, next-generation 5G cell towers, and the globally recognized fastest supercomputer. Looking ahead to 2024, AMD is set to expand its influence in the AI sector, having secured partnerships with industry giants such as Microsoft, Meta Platforms, and Oracle. Additionally, AMD’s data center customers include Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft Azure.

Free Up the Space and Energy to Accommodate AI in Your Data Center

Many data centers are already running at or near capacity in terms of available space or power or both.1 AMD EPYC processor-based servers offer leadership performance and efficiency to enable material workload consolidation, allowing more space and energy to support new AI workloads in your existing data centers.

AMD EPYC™ Server Processors

Revolutionizing Computing with Leading Processing and Graphics

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD®) leads in key technology areas like processing speeds, durability, reliability and graphics performance. AMD is known for designing and developing computer processors and graphics technologies. Producing powerful CPUs and GPUs. You will find AMD processors in many of today's general consumer laptops and computers. Their position is strong as it diversifies alongside its core business of x86 computing chips.

AI Strategy

AMD emphasizes that AI's full potential will be realized when it becomes widespread, extending from cloud to edge to endpoints. This vision is driven by a focus on three key areas: offering a wide range of high-performance, adaptive hardware and software solutions for AI; supporting an open, tested, and ready software strategy; and collaborating with partners to tailor AI solutions to device capabilities, thereby simplifying complex tasks into seamless user experiences.

AI PC Revolution: The AMD Ryzen™ AI Architectural Advantage

See how AMD Ryzen™ AI enables transformative AI experiences locally with the battery life, speed, and quiet operation of a traditional PC thanks to AMD XDNA™ architecture. Ryzen™ AI is available now on select laptops with AMD Ryzen™ processors.

Introducing AMD Instinct™ MI300 Series Accelerators

AMD Instinct™ MI300A is the world’s first data center APU to integrate CPU and GPU on a single package. AMD Instinct™ MI300X is the world’s most advanced accelerator for generative AI. AMD is advancing AI.

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