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NVIDIA | Networking

What is Networking?

Ethernet Fundamentals 

High-Performance Networks with Acceleration

One-third of the 30 million data center servers shipped every year are consumed by the software-defined data center stack. To support heavy data center workloads, enterprises need to modernize their network infrastructure and evolve to keep up with the exponential demand for data processing.

Techniques for network acceleration continue to evolve and are becoming more specialized. The latest developments address AI workloads, which demand consistent, predictable performance along with compute and power efficiencies suitable for running multi-tenant environments. To learn more about building the most efficient, high-performance networks with acceleration, refer to the whitepapers,  Technical Blogs and e-book from NVIDIA below:

  1. Whitepaper: NVIDIA Spectrum-X Network Platform Architecture
  2. Whitepaper: Next-Generation Networking for the Next Wave of AI
  3. Whitepaper: Networking for the Era of AI: The Network Defines the Data Center
  4. Technical Blog: Scaling Enterprise RAG with Accelerated Ethernet Networking and Networked Storage
  5. Technical Blog: Accelerating Redis Performance Using VMware vSphere 8 and NVIDIA BlueField DPUs
  6. Technical Blog: Simplifying Network Operations for AI with NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand
  7. Technical Blog: Networking for Data Centers and the Era of AI
  8. eBook: Modernize Your Data Center with Accelerated Networking

NVIDIA Spectrum-X Platform | World’s first Ethernet fabric built for AI

The NVIDIA Spectrum-X Networking Platform revolutionizes AI applications with Spectrum-4 switches and BlueField®-3 SuperNIC, offering a 1.7x performance boost over traditional Ethernet fabrics. This platform enables cloud service providers to fast-track the development and deployment of AI solutions, enhancing both the speed to market and return on investment.

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NVIDIA Spectrum-X800 Ethernet for AI-Optimized Networking in Every Data Center

Spectrum-X is a revolutionary solution for building multi-tenant, hyperscale AI clouds with Ethernet. With it, organizations can significantly improve the performance and power efficiency of AI clouds and gain higher predictability and consistency, resulting in faster time to market and a greater competitive edge.

Key Features:

  • Nearly Perfect Bandwidth at Scale

  • Extremely Low Latency

  • End-to-End Stack Optimization

  • Advanced RoCE Extensions for Scalable AI Communications

  • Deterministic Performance and Performance Isolation

  • Open Network Operating System: SONiC and Cumulus

NVIDIA Spectrum-4 & NVIDIA BlueField-3

Benefits NVIDIA Spectrum-X

NVIDIA Spectrum-X enhances network performance by 1.6X, accelerating the processing, analysis, and execution of AI workloads and, in turn, the development and deployment of AI solutions.

Powered by NVIDIA networking innovations, Spectrum-X is fully standards-based Ethernet with support for open Ethernet stacks (SONiC) at cloud scale.

Spectrum-X is tuned and validated across the full stack of NVIDIA hardware and software, creating an unmatched Ethernet solution for AI clouds.

New NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD Architecture Built With DGX GB200 Systems and Advanced Networking

NVIDIA  Next -Generation AI Supercomputer DGX SuperPOD with DGX GB200 Systems

NVIDIA has launched its cutting-edge DGX SuperPOD architecture featuring DGX GB200 systems, tailored for generative AI supercomputing at a trillion-parameter scale. This system scales to tens of thousands of Grace Blackwell Superchips, utilizing the most advanced NVIDIA networking technology, which includes NVIDIA NVLink for connecting up to 576 Blackwell GPUs as a single cohesive unit. This advanced networking capability ensures optimal efficiency and performance, significantly speeding up AI deployment and infrastructure improvements.

NVIDIA Quantum-X800 InfiniBand and Spectrum-X800 Ethernet Series

Powering AI Dreams: NVIDIA's InfiniBand and Ethernet Switches

The world’s first networking platforms capable of end-to-end 800Gb/s throughput, NVIDIA Quantum-X800 InfiniBand and NVIDIA Spectrum™-X800 Ethernet push the boundaries of networking performance for computing and AI workloads. They feature software that further accelerates AI, cloud, data processing and HPC applications in every type of data center, including those that incorporate the newly released NVIDIA Blackwell architecture-based product lineup.

NVIDIA Ethernet Switches

NVIDIA Networking is central to the scalability of our AI supercomputing infrastructure,” said Gilad Shainer, senior vice president of Networking at NVIDIA.

NVIDIA X800 switches are end-to-end networking platforms that enable us to achieve trillion-parameter-scale generative AI essential for new AI infrastructures.”

Initial adopters of Quantum InfiniBand and Spectrum-X Ethernet include Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Furthermore, NVIDIA's networking solutions include SmartNICs (Network Interface Cards) and accelerated networking technologies, enhancing data center efficiency and reducing CPU overhead. These SmartNICs offload networking tasks, such as packet processing and security functions, freeing up CPU resources for compute-intensive tasks.

NVIDIA Ethernet Switches

NVIDIA Self-Healing Network Technology Enables Unbreakable Data Centers

In today’s networks, a traditional subnet manager will recognize failed links and recalculate routes to avoid the problem, but this can take up to 5 seconds for 1,000 nodes and 30 seconds for clusters with 10,000 or more nodes—not fast enough to keep an application running seamlessly. The self-healing network capabilities of NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand switches overcome link failures, enabling network recovery much faster than any other software-based solution.

Data Center Design Considerations

The purpose of this video is to equip you with the basic knowledge to understand the main data center requirements and how they can be fulfilled.