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Depending on the Incoterms® specified in your purchase order, ServerDirect can arrange international shipping from our warehouse to door delivery. Please note that transport services are only available in conjunction with a purchase from ServerDirect.

Parcel Transport via Courier
Shipments arranged by ServerDirect will be dispatched using reputable courier services such as DHL Express or FedEx. These shipments will not include a Customs Declaration at the destination.

Shipping rates are determined by various factors, including:

  • Choice of courier service

  • Delivery speed

  • Distance of shipping

  • Weight and dimensions of the package

  • Value of the goods

  • Duties & Taxes

  • Delivery Address

  • Insurance coverage

Please be aware that ServerDirect cannot guarantee whether Customs taxes or duties will be imposed. Any Customs or import duties are levied upon the parcel's arrival in its destination country and must be settled by the recipient. This policy applies exclusively to shipments exported outside of The Netherlands and the European Union.

Customs at Destination
Most countries impose Duties & National Tax, calculated based on the value of goods and services. While terminology may differ across countries, the underlying principle remains consistent. In nations like Canada, the U.S., Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand, this tax is commonly referred to as the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

The UK and the European Union (EU) enforce Value Added Tax (VAT). VAT-registered businesses, which are fully taxable, do not ultimately bear the burden of VAT as it is a tax on consumer expenditure. It may be known by different names in various countries such as IVA, TVA, BTW, and AFA, yet the principle remains unchanged.

For EU-specific VAT rates, please refer to the European Commission Taxation and Customs Union website.

For information regarding Customs clearance, duties, and taxes in other countries, you can consult couriers such as DHL Express, FedEx or the government websites.

All information is correct at time publication and ServerDirect accept no responsibility for information relating to third party contact details changing without prior notice. Customs authorities have the final authority on all imports.