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Industrial Flash Drive

Securing Performance in Challenging Environments

An industrial flash drive is a type of solid-state storage device specifically designed and built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and operate reliably in industrial settings. Unlike consumer-grade flash drives, which are typically designed for consumer electronics and office environments, industrial flash drives are engineered to endure extreme temperatures, humidity, shock, and vibration commonly encountered in industrial automation, automotive, aerospace, and military applications.

Robust and Reliable Storage Solutions, Resilient to Harsh Environmental Conditions in Industrial Settings

Industrial flash drives often incorporate ruggedized components and advanced features such as power-loss protection, error correction, and wear-leveling algorithms to ensure data integrity and longevity in challenging operating conditions. They come in various form factors, capacities, and interfaces to accommodate different industrial applications, providing reliable and high-performance storage solutions for critical data storage and retrieval needs in industrial environments.

DRAM Module Manufacturing Process – Kingston Technology

DRAM, or Dynamic Random Access Memory, is one of the most important components in your computer. Kingston has been designing, manufacturing, and testing DRAM products for decades. This video explores our manufacturing process.

Top 6 Flash Drive Leaders

  1. Samsung: Renowned for its high-performance SSDs, Samsung offers cutting-edge technology, reliability, and features such as V-NAND technology and TurboWrite.
  2. Western Digital: A prominent player in the flash drive market, Western Digital provides a wide range of SSDs tailored for various applications, known for their exceptional performance, longevity, and innovative technologies like 3D NAND and NVMe.
  3. SanDisk (a Western Digital brand): SanDisk offers a diverse portfolio of SSDs known for their high-performance capabilities, advanced caching technologies, and extensive compatibility across devices.
  4. Kingston Technology: Kingston is recognized for its reliable and cost-effective SSDs, offering durability, compatibility, and value proposition, making them popular choices for consumers and businesses alike.
  5. Crucial (a Micron brand): Crucial is respected for its high-quality SSDs, offering excellent performance and reliability at competitive prices, with features like hardware-based encryption and adaptive thermal protection.
  6.  Innodisk: Innodisk is a global provider of industrial-grade storage solutions, specializing in ruggedized SSDs engineered to withstand harsh environments while delivering reliable performance. Their flash drives are renowned for durability, efficiency, and resilience, making them ideal for industrial and embedded applications prioritizing reliability. Innodisk’s iCell Technology offers innovative power-loss protection, ensuring data integrity and preventing loss during sudden power outages or disruptions.

Innodisk DRAM PRO Series: Your Ultimate Solution for Challenging Environments

Innodisk's flash storage, DRAM, I/O expansion and software products.

Innodisk Edge Server SSD Series

Traffic Enforcement

Detect drivers' behavior with AI machine vision to prevent traffic violations and improve city governance performance.

SSD Surveillance Data Recording Application - RECLine™ - Unwavering Recording Stability
This proprietary firmware optimizes the recording capabilities of solid state drives (SSD), ensuring smooth performance with minimal frame-loss.

Innodisk iSLC with 100K P/E Cycles to Seize the 5G Networking and Smart City Opportunities

Innodisk has developed a new generation iSLC technology, combined with BiCS5 112-layer TLC 3D NAND Flash, enhancing storage performance and achieving an industry-high 100K P/E cycles, catering to IoT and AI edge computing needs. Additionally, Innodisk integrates firmware technologies like iData Guard and iPower Guard into the iSLC Series, ensuring data stability in 5G networking, smart city, and AIoT applications.

Featuring Our Partner Innodisk

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Discover Innodisk DRAM PRO Series & Flash Storage

Innodisk presents the DRAM PRO Series to address the challenges posed by high heat, shock, and vibrations in harsh environments, enhancing value for unique applications.

Safeguarding Mission-Critical Data: Innodisk's iCell Technology Protects Against Power Failures in SSDs

Innodisk’s iCell Technology ensures that DRAM-based solid state drive (SSD) can protect mission critical data and prevent data loss during an unexpected power failure. This is achieved by integrated iCells delivering an instantaneous charge to the SSD to make sure the data is safely stored and device can restart without issues.

How Innodisk’s iCell Technology Prevents
SSD Data Loss

SSDs apply DRAM buffering during operations. This makes I/O operations faster and more efficient. iCell Technology takes this architecture a step further by engineering several capacitors on the IC board to provide power buffering after sudden power outage. The capacitors deliver an instantaneous charge after voltage detectors in the circuitry detect a sudden change from regular
5V to low voltage.

Under normal operating conditions – while power supply remains constant – user data (including data in the DRAM buffer) can be written to flash storage. In the case of sudden power failure, there is a potential for data in the buffer to be lost.

The captured data from the two images above clearly illustrates the benefit gained from using
iCell Technology with SSDs. An increase of 60ms of system power allows the controller to flush
data from DRAM to flash storage. iCell Technology offers a valuable data protection mechanism
for the solid-state drive industry. Using capacitors with voltage detectors ensures instant,
reliable and total transfer of buffer data to flash storage. On top of that, iCell’s sophisticated data
buffer management guarantees all buffer data is flushed to the flash chip before total power

Seeking the Ideal Industrial Flash Drive Solution?

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI-driven applications, the demand for reliable and robust storage solutions is at an all-time high. Industrial Flash Drives are critical for environments where durability and performance are paramount, enduring extreme conditions while maintaining data integrity. ServerDirect specializes in sourcing Industrial Flash Drives that provide superior endurance, faster data access, and increased reliability, crucial for applications in harsh operational settings. We are committed to guiding you towards the flash drive solution that best suits your industrial needs, ensuring optimal performance and prolonged lifespan.

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