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Avigilon Powerful End-To-End Security Solutions

Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions company, is a global leader in advanced security solutions, specializing in high-definition video surveillance, access control, and artificial intelligence technologies. With a commitment to innovation, Avigilon provides cutting-edge security solutions that empower organizations to protect their assets and people proactively. Their unique selling proposition lies in their comprehensive suite of integrated security solutions, leveraging advanced analytics and AI-driven technology to enhance situational awareness and operational efficiency. Deploying Avigilon's solutions enables businesses to mitigate risks and create safer environments for their stakeholders.or

Complete guide and checklist for office physical security

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Flexible & Smarter Security with AI-powered Software

Avigilon's Video Management Systems (VMS) integrate cameras, access, and analytics into an easy-to-use platform, enabling smarter and more efficient site management. This AI-enabled VMS harnesses the power of AI video analytics and video management software to detect anomalies, automate investigations, and enhance operational efficiency.

Complete Situational Awareness
Avigilon VMS provides 24/7 awareness. Their AI-powered on-premise physical security platform brings together video security, access control, and flexible cloud management under one centralized and scalable solution.

Cloud Versatility
Deploy a fully cloud-native video management system to gain real-time visibility and insights that you can manage from anywhere.

Driven by AI
Intuitive and easy-to-use software learns and understands what matters to your security, alerting you when action is required. This proactive security solution enables the analysis of perimeter and behavioural data in real-time. The system detects, identifies, and classifies anomalies involving vehicles, people of interest, and objects, ensuring proactive threat detection and alerting when action is needed.

Compliance and Certifications
Avigilon end-to-end security solutions are compliant with global government regulations and built on a trusted, cybersecure platform ‒ all designed to help you focus on what matters most.

Ways to Secure your Business with Alta Cloud Solution 

Alta Cloud Video Solution – Flexible, Efficient & Real-Time Visibility
Alta end-to-end cloud security solution is a complete, end-to-end cloud-based security solution that future-proofs your video security and access control with innovative capabilities and intelligent analytics.

Alta Aware Cloud VMS – 360-Degree Awareness
Avigilon cloud-based video analytics software enables 360-degree awareness across all your sites, whether you use Avigilon Ava cloud IP cameras or connect Atla Aware to existing cameras, sensors and viewers.

Map view with Smart Prescence

Add maps of all your locations and facilities in Alta Aware to gain enhanced situational awareness and insightsword.

Video view with Spotlight

Powered by deep learning, Alta Aware uses Spotlight to bring only the most relevant feeds to the operator’s attention.

Map view with Smart Presence

Find specific events in Alta Aware’s AI-powered video view that highlight people, vehicles and overall motion seperaty.

Fast investigations with Smart Search

Comb through countless hours of video quickly using appearance and image detection powered by machine learning.

Security with Unity On-Prem Video Solution

On-Premise Video Security & Access Control brings video security, access control and flexible cloud management together under one centralized and scalable on-premise video security solution, through Avigilon Unity. This end-to-end video security solution that works together with access control, decision management and cloud services to help solve today’s physical security challenges.

Delivering real-time actionable intelligence

  • Detect, verify and act on critical events

  • Leverage convenience from the cloud

  • Unlock the power of Unity Video on your mobile device

  • Avigilon Decision Management System

Avigilon AdaptAI Analytics

Stay ahead of the game with AdaptAI, a cutting-edge analytics platform that operates at the edge. Protect your site with a dynamic solution that defends against present threats while remaining adaptable to future security challenges.

Avigilon Appearance Search

Locate a person or vehicle by entering physical descriptors, uploading a photo or finding an example in recorded video.

Facial Recognition

Accelerate response times by quickly identifying people of interest on a secure watch list(s).

Crowd Detection

Receive real-time alerts of unusual crowds or when the number of people exceeds the threshold for crowd size.

Visible Firearm Detection*

Help reduce active shooter threats with cloud-enabled AI analytics to detect brandished firearms.
*Available in the U.S. only.

License Plate Recognition

Automatically read vehicle license plates and link them to live and recorded video.

Audio Analytics

Be notified of auditory disturbances such as gunshots, breaking glass, alarms, dog barks, ultrasound and more.

Avigilaton Alta + Milestone Solution

Milestone video security integration together with Avigilon Alta makes the security even smarter and more powerful.

  • Associate access activity with real-time video footage.

  • Mitigate tailgating incidents at key entry points.

  • Detect hotspots for social distancing violations.

  • Unlock and lock entries directly from the XProtect platform.

  • Receive alerts for access events including entry ajar, entry forced and entry unlocked.