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TP-Link Networking Solutions:
Ensuring Reliable Connectivity and Integration

Peace of Mind Networking: Building and Sustaining Robust Networks with TP-Link

TP-Link is a globally recognized provider of networking products and solutions, specializing in networking equipment for both home and business use. Their core business revolves around manufacturing and distributing a wide range of networking devices, including routers, switches, wireless access points, and network adapters.

TP-Link Omada Business Solutions

Omada’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform integrates network devices, including access points, switches and gateways, providing 100% centralized cloud management. Omada creates a highly scalable network—all controlled from a single interface. Seamless wireless and wired connections are provided, ideal for use in hospitality, education, retail, offices, and more.

Reliable Business Routers

The Professional Business Wi-Fi

Full Switching Upgrade

VIGI Intelligent Surveillance Solutions

Flexible Controller Options Increase Business Agility

Boost WiFi Coverage

Omada provides professional business Wi-Fi with centralized management capability for each unique scenario. The latest WiFi 7 APs, Ceiling mount APs, Wall Plate APs, Outdoor APs, and Outdoor Bridge ensures a smooth internet experience for Small and Medium Business (SMB) scenarios.

Omada AX6000 Ceiling Mount WiFi 6 Access Point

Avigilon AdaptAI Analytics

Ultra-Fast AX6000 WiFi 6 Speeds

Seamless Integration

Easy Deployment and Higher Performance with Omada Mesh

Easy Pairing, Less Wiring

Traditional Wired Networking              vs                Mesh Wirelesss Networking

Optimized Network Performance

TP-Link's Revolution in Connectivity Solutions

The unique selling proposition of TP-Link lies in its commitment to delivering reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use networking solutions to customers worldwide. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, TP-Link has built a strong reputation for providing high-quality networking products that cater to the needs of both consumers and businesses.

Wi-Fi 7 Technology

WiFi 7 is the upcoming WiFi standard, also known as IEEE 802.11be Extremely High Throughput (EHT). It works across all three bands (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz) to fully utilize spectrum resources. While WiFi 6 was built in response to the growing number of devices in the world, WiFi 7's goal is to deliver astounding speeds for every device with greater efficiency. If you're struggling with constant buffering, lag, or congestion, a WiFi 7 router may be your best solution.

Extremely High Throughput up to 46 Gbps

WiFi 7 introduces 320 MHz ultra-wide bandwidth, 4096-QAM, Multi-RU, and Multi-Link Operation to provide speeds 4.8× faster than WiFi 6 and 13× faster than WiFi 5. Unlock more scenarios than ever before. 

Double the Width, Double the Speed

Up to 320 MHz on 6 GHz
WiFi 7 unleashes the full potential of the 6 GHz band to double the bandwidth of the last generation. Extending channel width to 320 MHz also enables many more simultaneous transmissions at the fastest possible speeds.

Double the Streams, Double the Capacity

16 × 16 MU-MIMO
To meet the growing traffic demands generated by the increasing number of WiFi devices, APs have continued to increase the number of antennas and improve spatial multiplexing capabilities. WiFi 7 increases the number of spatial streams from 8 to 16. The theoretical physical transmission rate is thus doubled compared with WiFi 6. With WiFi 7's 16 streams, every device has enough bandwidth to run smoothly.

The All New Archer BE800 BE19000 Tri-Band WiFi 7 Router

Groundbreaking Wi-Fi 7 Technology, Now on Archer: Archer BE800 – BE19000 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 7 Router with Built-In LED Screen
The Archer BE800 router is a powerful device that takes Wi-Fi networks to the next level with next-gen Wi-Fi 7 technology. Featuring astonishing speeds of up to 19Gbps on three bands, eight high-performance antennas provide a stable and reliable connection with EasyMesh compatibility to enable future expansion of network coverage.

Benefits of TP-Link Networking

  • Cost-effective solutions
    TP-Link networking solutions offer competitive prices without compromising on reliability or performance, allowing businesses to achieve their networking goals within budget constraints.

  • Simplified setup and management
    TP-Link's user-friendly interface and intuitive setup process streamline installation and configuration, reducing the need for extensive technical expertise and minimizing downtime for businesses.

  • Versatile product range
    With a wide array of networking devices catering to various requirements, TP-Link enables businesses to find tailored solutions that meet their specific needs, whether for small office environments or large-scale enterprise deployments.

  • Scalability and flexibility
    TP-Link networking solutions are designed to scale with business growth, accommodating evolving network demands without requiring significant infrastructure overhauls or investments.

  • Reliable performance
    TP-Link products deliver consistent and reliable performance, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and productivity for businesses, thereby minimizing disruptions and enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Comprehensive support and warranty
    TP-Link provides robust customer support and warranty services, offering peace of mind to businesses and ensuring timely resolution of any networking issues that may arise.

Tailor-Made Solutions

TP-Link excels in providing reliable, affordable, and straightforward networking solutions tailored for business needs. With a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, TP-Link has established a reputable presence in the market, offering high-quality products that meet the diverse requirements of business clients. For bespoke TP-We offer tailored TP-Link networking solutions designed to enhance your business operations. Contact ServerDirect to discuss your needs and how we can assist.

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