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Celebrating 25 years of vision

Milestone leading provider of High-performing Video Solutions

Milestone is a leading provider of video management software (VMS) solutions, offering scalable and flexible platforms for video surveillance and security. Their software empowers organizations to efficiently manage and analyze video data, enhancing safety and security across various industries.

Quick Tour Milestone XProtect

Milestone XProtect enables organizations of any size to build data-driven and future-proof video technology solutions.

Benefit from Milestone's 25 years of market experience to ensure reliability, avoiding downtime or data loss with proven technology. Scale your video capabilities without limitations using an open platform that adapts to your evolving needs. Enjoy full control over both software and hardware with an intuitive interface, facilitating seamless collaboration and enhancing user-friendliness.

Milestone Kite Cloud Video Security

Milestone Kite is a reliable video surveillance as a service (VSaaS). Manage and analyze video from anywhere in the world with minimum investment.
Milestone Kite is a cloud-based VMS (VSaaS), so it’s accessible from anywhere and doesn’t require any hardware maintenance. The software is flexible, giving you the freedom to choose from more than 25,000 devices and a variety of value-adding analytics. Because it is easy to install and run, it will cover your security needs while you focus on your core operations.

Award-winning video technology

Milestone video management software enables organizations and institutions to create the perfect combination of cameras, sensors and analytics. Already in action in 500,000+ customer sites worldwide, the award-winning XProtect platform lets you explore all the possibilities of video technology — both in and beyond security.

Seagate + Milestone Surveillance Solution
The demand for storage is continually growing. More connected devices increase storage and performance needs. Easily scale up to petabytes of storage—when you need it—at lower cost.

High Performance Video Surveillance
High-def cameras need more bandwidth. Meet your needs and save higher frame rate video recordings without losing a single frame.

Flexible Solutions That Scale
Your storage needs are growing. Our high-capacity solution offers longer retention of video and static images without data loss.

Flexible Solutions That Scale
Seagate and Milestone offer a Surveillance solution that centralizes VMS, security, and scalable storage.

Centralize Your VMS
Fragmented systems make you work harder. Centralize with Milestone’s XProtect® VMS to store and protect your data with ease.

Milestone XProtect Corporate with Dell EMC Storage – Architecture

You can achieve scaling by expanding the number of servers in each site in addition to combining many sites into a federated architecture. The following figure 1 shows a simple Milestone XProtect Corporate architecture.

Milestone XProtect Corporate with Dell EMC Storage - Scale-out Architecture

To enable scaling up to thousands of cameras across multiple sites, the XProtect system consists of several components that handle specific tasks. For systems with more than 100 cameras, Milestone recommends that you use dedicated servers for all or some of the components.