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Your physical security is their business

Genetec specializes in developing physical security solutions designed to provide comprehensive visibility, knowledge, and understanding of your environment, both currently and in the future. As a leading provider in unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, our cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) model offers flexible and scalable options, allowing organizations to effectively manage and secure their environments while enjoying the advantages of cost-effective subscription-based services

Get ready for enterprise-grade SaaS security like you’ve never seen before

Genetec is introducing a groundbreaking approach to physical security software as a service with a new open and unified software solution offered as a service. This enables access to enterprise-grade access control, video management, intrusion and communications monitoring, automation, forensic search, and more through cloud-native services.

  • Fast
    Spin up new sites anywhere in the world with location-agnostic connectivity and remote deployment and management

  • Non-stop
    Get continuous access to new software capabilities and features as they become available with zero downtime

  • Easy
    Make your enterprise-grade deployment and maintenance easier with security software offered as a service (SaaS)

  • Scalable
    Scale up to thousands of sites and devices with seamless connectivity, hybrid storage options, and edge computing

Protect the Everyday

Ensuring safe public spaces entails collaboration among stakeholders like urban planners, city managers, security experts, executives, and community leaders. Versatile technology fosters effective communication and cooperation, enhancing public safety and city interests. Solutions extend beyond security to improve citizens' lives and promote community well-being.

Award-winning Solutions

Genetec wins 2023 Security Solutions Award for Video Surveillance

The 2023 Govies Government Security Awards - Winner

Detektor International Awards 2022 - Winner

Ways to Secure your Business with Genetec

Genetec offers various software solutions across different technologies, below a few highlighted.

Genetec Security Center

Unified security platform with unlimited possibilities.


Video Management System - Work smarter with video.

Synergis Access Control System

Secure access and optimize operations.


Automatic Lincense Plate Recognition - High-performance ALPR that gives you real-time insights.


Cloud-based video monitoring system - Video surveillance as a service, without the compromise.

Genetec Mission Control

Collaborative Decision Management System - Take control of the situation.

Genetec Clearance

Take your digital evidence management into the information age.

Genetec ClearID

Access Management - Simple path to smarter physical access management

Genetec Citigraf

Situational Awareness Solution for Real Time Crime Centers - Coordinate responses to improve public safety.


Video Analytics - Add intelligence to your security monitoring.

Build your system on the right foundation

Your organization is expanding. The choices you make today will define your ability to face tomorrow’s challenges. But with technology and the nature of threats changing every day, how can you ensure your security system doesn’t slow you down?

Genetec's unified security products give you the flexibility you require. Choose one or more security solutions to address today’s needs, knowing your foundation can be expanded over time to meet new challenges. All this without starting from scratch every few years due to compatibility issues. Contact our sales experts and let them guide you how to secure your business.