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Leading the Way in Application-Optimized IT Solutions

SuperMicro (NASDAQ: SMCI) leads in comprehensive IT solutions, specializing in Enterprise, Cloud, AI, and 5G Telco/Edge IT Infrastructure, offering server, AI, storage, IoT, and Switch Systems.

Driving Innovation in Infrastructure Solutions

Recognized for innovative server solutions, Supermicro manufactures high-performance servers across global facilities in the US, Taiwan, and The Netherlands.
Committed to delivering advanced products, SuperMicro maintains a meticulous approach to manufacturing, aiming to optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and reduce environmental impact through Green Computing practices.

Explore SuperMicro’s Benefits

Supermicro's product lineup includes server motherboards, chassis, power supplies, and storage systems, focusing on delivering cutting-edge hardware for data centers, cloud computing, and enterprises. They provide the industry's broadest selection of high-quality hardware for fully application-optimized server, storage, embedded/IoT, and workstation solutions:

  • High-performance, high-efficiency servers enhance computing power

  • Advanced storage solutions ensure fast, reliable data access

  • Green Computing initiatives reduce environmental impact

  • Diverse IT hardware for data centers, cloud, AI, and edge computing

  • Simplified deployment and maintenance with modular designs

  • Partnerships with leading technology providers enrich product offerings

  • Global infrastructure supports rapid, scalable deployment

  • Commitment to innovation drives continuous improvement in IT solutions

  • All-flash NVMe systems offer exceptional speed and efficiency

  • High-density MicroBlade servers optimize space and power usage

Award-Winning Portfolio of Server Building Block Solutions®

With an award-winning portfolio of Server Building Block Solutions®, Supermicro empowers customers to tailor their infrastructure precisely to their workload and application needs. This flexibility is achieved through a diverse family of systems built from adaptable and reusable building blocks, supporting a wide range of form factors, processors, memory configurations, GPUs, storage options, networking solutions, and power and cooling mechanisms, including air conditioning, free air cooling, or liquid cooling.

Linus Tech Tips at Supermicro

What do you get when you take the CloudDC server and double it? With up to 24 PCIe Gen 5 Memory, CXL 1.1+ support, expansion slots for GPU and accelerators LinusTechTips takes you inside the box of the H13 Hyper systems and its unparallel versatility and performance.

Foundational Building Blocks for Generative AI Infrastructure

In the era of AI, a unit of compute is no longer measured by just the number of servers. Interconnected GPUs, CPUs, memory, storage, and these resources across multiple nodes in racks construct today's artificial Intelligence. The infrastructure requires high-speed and low-latency network fabrics, and carefully designed cooling technologies and power delivery to sustain optimal performance and efficiency for each data center environment. Supermicro’s SuperCluster solution provides foundational building blocks for rapidly evolving Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs).

Complete Integration at Scale

Design and build of full racks and clusters with a global manufacturing capacity of up to 5,000 racks per month

Test, Validate, Deploy with On-site Service

Proven L11, L12 testing processes thoroughly validate the operational effectiveness and efficiency before shipping

Liquid Cooling/Air Cooling

Fully integrated liquid-cooling or air cooling solution with GPU & CPU cold plates, Cooling Distribution Units and Manifolds

Supply and Inventory Management

One-stop-shop to deliver fully integrated racks fast and on-time to reduce time-to-solution for rapid deployment

Generative AI SuperCluster

The full turn-key data center solution accelerates time-to-delivery for mission-critical enterprise use cases, and eliminates the complexity of building a large cluster, which previously was achievable only through the intensive design tuning and time-consuming optimization of supercomputing.


Highest Density

With 32 NVIDIA HGX H100/H200 8-GPU, 4U Liquid-cooled Systems (256 GPUs) in 5 Racks

  • Doubling compute density through Supermicro’s custom liquid-cooling solution with up to 40% reduction in electricity cost for data center

  • 256 NVIDIA H100/H200 GPUs in one scalable unit

  • 20TB of HBM3 with H100 or 36TB of HBM3e with H200 in one scalable unit

  • 1:1 networking to each GPU to enable NVIDIA GPUDirect RDMA and Storage for training large language model with up to trillions of parameters

  • Customizable AI data pipeline storage fabric with industry leading parallel file system options

  • NVIDIA AI Enterprise Software Ready

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Compute Node


Unleash AI Power: NVIDIA & Supermicro Partnership

The dynamic collaboration between NVIDIA and Supermicro is revolutionizing AI innovation, pushing computing capabilities to new heights. By integrating NVIDIA's cutting-edge GPU technology with Supermicro's advanced server solutions, this partnership delivers unmatched performance and efficiency. Together, they empower businesses to harness the full potential of AI-driven insights and applications, shaping the future of technology.

NVIDIA-Certified Systems™ by Supermicro

With the continued rollout of advanced applications and workloads, customers require manageable, secure, and scalable servers for their data centers. Supermicro's compelling lineup of high-performance servers supporting NVIDIA GPUs and DPUs includes a growing number of NVIDIA-Certified Systems, with many more currently undergoing the certification process. Each server/GPU configuration earns its own certification.

Categories of NVIDIA-Certified Systems

Large Scale AI Training and HPC OptimizedCertified for large-scale deep learning and HPC with highest-performance GPUs, high-speed GPU-to-GPU interconnect with NVIDIA NVLink®, PCIe 5.0 switches, fastest flash storage and networking supporting NVIDIA GPUDirect RDMA and Storage.
AI Training & Inferencing, General Purpose, Virtualization OptimizedRackmount, multi-node, and blade servers that support GPUs for wide range of accelerated workloads, AI-enabled applications, visualization, 3D simulation, virtual workstation.
Enterprise Edge and Industrial Edge OptimizedCertified edge systems running accelerated applications outside a traditional data centers. These systems are designed to be deployed in controlled or restrictive environments, such as retail store, factory or telco micro data center.
WorkstationPowerful desktop workstations designed and certified for enterprise and professionals to accelerate AI and data science model development, 3D rendering, and creative visual design.

Key Benefits

PerformanceNVIDIA-Certified Systems are configured to deliver excellent performance for a diverse range of workloads. Customers can run most accelerated applications on these systems – including GPU-optimized software from the NVIDIA NGC™ catalog and commercially available applications.
ManageabilityCertification tests are run on the NVIDIA Cloud Native Stack using Kubernetes for orchestration. This validates that certified servers can be fully managed by leading IT management frameworks.
SecurityNVIDIA-Certified Systems secure workflows by protecting data at the platform, network, and application layers. Whether these systems are deployed in a datacenter or at the edge, customers can be assured that they don’t have to compromise on security when running accelerated applications.
ScalabilityNVIDIA-Certified servers are tested to validate both multi-GPU and multi-node performance, as well as the performance of multiple workloads running on a single GPU with Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) technology.

Viable Supermicro Servers


Cloud Computing

Microcloud A+ 3015MR-H8TNR

  • Supermicro 3U MicroCloud System with motherboard Super H13SRD-F

  • CPU - AMD RYZEN 9 7950x3D 5.70GHZ 16 COR, Up to 16MB Cache (Supports 65W - 170W TDP CPUs (Air Cooled)*)

  • Memory - 32GB DDR5 5200MT (Slot Count: 4 DIMM slots /Max Memory (2DPC): Up to 192GB 5200MT)

  • Network - Intel X540-T2 10 Gigabit Ethernet Card - PCI Express x8 - 2 x Network (RJ-45) Low-profile


Web Hosting

SuperServer 5039MC-H12TRF

  • Supermicro 3U SYS-5039MC-H12TRF (Black) with motherboard Super X11SCE-F

  • CPU - Intel® Xeon® E-2234 Processor (8M Cache, 3.60 GHz) FC-LGA14C, Tray

  • Memory - Up to 128GB unbuffered VLP ECC, up to DDR4-2666MHz; 4 DIMM slots
    16GB DDR4-2666 2RX8 ECC VLP UDIMM

Supermicro COMPUTEX Keynote - Accelerate Everything

As a global leader in application-optimized Total IT Solutions, Supermicro is at the forefront of driving innovation in AI. Supermicro Founder and CEO, Charles Liang, will showcase the latest technological developments and opportunities that are propelling the growth of artificial intelligence and cloud computing, and highlight strategies for deploying Total IT Solutions with a focus on green computing, emphasizing Supermicro's commitment to sustainability. He will also be joined by some of our esteemed partners to demonstrate how Supermicro's latest innovations are driving IT growth and revolutionizing data center infrastructure, accelerated computing, and other key areas.

Supermicro & NVIDIA CEOs about liquid cooling

CEOs Charles Liang (Supermicro) and Jen-Hsun Huang (NVIDIA) present the energy-saving benefits of liquid cooling solutions, revolutionizing computing for efficiency and sustainability.

Supermicro Liquid Cooling selection


Immersion Cooling

Rear Door Heat Exchanger