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Solidigm x ServerDirect

ServerDirect is proud to collaborate with Solidigm, a leader in storage technology that significantly enhances the capabilities of AI applications. Solidigm focuses on developing SSDs that optimize data storage for AI, supporting everything from data ingestion to model training. This partnership enables ServerDirect to offer customized server solutions that integrate Solidigm’s cutting-edge storage technologies, providing clients with superior performance and efficiency essential for handling complex AI workloads. Together, ServerDirect and Solidigm are setting new benchmarks in storage solutions for AI-driven enterprises.

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We are Solidigm

A leading global provider of NAND flash memory solutions. We exist to expand the possibilities of data that fuel human advancement. Our name and brand identity is reflective of our goal to create a new paradigm of solid-state storage.

From ingesting and preparing data to training and deploying your model at scale, great storage keeps XPUs busy and shapes overall AI developer and user experience. Whatever your goals, Solidigm can help.

[π Day 2024] WORLD RECORD Pi Calculation! 105,000,000,000,000+ [105 Trillion] Digits

Another Serving of Pi: Solidigm SSDs Help Calculate New World Record
Nearly a petabyte of Solidigm storage computes Pi to 105 trillion digits

Solidigm offers a highly reliable SSD. The vehicle is exposed to increased temperature and stronger shocks and vibration during testing so a reliable drive with no moving parts is ideal.

Armin Erich
Head of Engineering

Delivering Automotive Testing Systems
that are Up to the Challenge

Solidigm's storage delivers the next generation in automotive testing, capable of logging, storing, and processing all the data needed to validate ADAS/AD applications.

InoNet with Solidigm
Delivering a data logging solution for the automotive industry

Download the customer story or read on to learn more about how InoNet and Solidigm aligned to log, store, and analyze data to advance testing and validation with QLC SSDs.

Powering Digital Transformation with Solidigm D5 SSDs

The Solidigm™ D5 series SSDs are designed to provide value performance and endurance for data centers. These drives, utilizing advanced QLC 3D NAND technology, are optimized for cost efficiency and high capacities, making them ideal for read-oriented use cases.

Revolutionizing Semiconductor Technology

The D5 series includes several models, each tailored to meet different needs in terms of endurance, performance, and form factors. They offer a compelling total cost of ownership (TCO) advantage over traditional HDDs and entry-level TLC NVMe SSDs. With features like end-to-end data protection, power loss protection, and support for modern NVMe protocols, the D5 series ensures reliable and efficient storage solutions for contemporary data center demands​

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