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Huawei x ServerDirect

Accelerating Industrial Intelligence
ServerDirect is proud to be collaborate with Huawei, a leader in technological innovation. This partnership represents the seamless integration of Huawei’s state-of-the-art technology with our extensive industry expertise. Together, we aim to deliver unparalleled server, storage, and network solutions that exemplify reliability and high performance.

Unlock Limitless Possibilities with OceanStor

Your Path to Seamless Scalability, Unmatched Performance, and Unrivaled Data Protection
Huawei's OceanStor series represents the pinnacle of storage solutions, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern enterprises. Renowned for its all-flash and hybrid storage capabilities, the OceanStor family offers unparalleled performance, reliability, and scalability. These storage systems are equipped with advanced technologies such as intelligent data management, seamless integration with cloud environments, and robust security features.

Leading the industry in sectors such as finance, telecommunications, healthcare, and education, Huawei OceanStor solutions are trusted globally to handle critical data workloads with efficiency and ease. Their ability to support high-performance computing, large-scale data analytics, and demanding IT applications makes them a preferred choice for organizations aiming to enhance their data management and storage infrastructure.


Data Management

Use Cases

Vrije Universiteit Brussel Data Storage Solution

The "VUB Research Data Project" details the deployment of Huawei's OceanStor Pacific storage solutions at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). It aims to provide a robust and scalable storage infrastructure that supports the university's extensive research activities. Key aspects include leveraging Huawei's technology to enhance the university's digital transformation, addressing growing data needs across diverse research fields, and ensuring compliance with strict data security and privacy regulations. This case study demonstrates the critical role of advanced storage solutions in facilitating high-performance computing and data management in academic environments.

Download VUB Data Project

Data Infrastructure Innovations in Education

At Huawei Innovative Data Infrastructure Forum 2022, Joachim Verschelden, Head of VUB ICT Infrastructure & Operations Department,
tells us how data infrastructure innovations are making a difference for education.

Toulouse University Hospital Makes Huge Strides in Patient Care Powered by Huawei OceanStor All-Flash Storage

Toulouse University Hospital (TUH), a prominent healthcare institution in West Occitania, faces escalating demand amid a 30% annual increase in admissions. Strained by outdated IT infrastructure, including legacy storage systems unable to meet modern needs, TUH sought a solution to enhance operational efficiency and maintain uninterrupted service delivery. Huawei's

OceanStor Dorado all-flash storage system emerged as the ideal choice, demonstrating remarkable performance improvements with reduced latency and streamlined management through innovative technologies like BCManager and DME platform. This transformation not only optimized service delivery by 40% but also ensured reliable, uninterrupted healthcare services critical for TUH's patient care mission.

"Thanks to the Huawei OceanStor Dorado 3000, our users can log on to their virtual desktops faster. Instead of a delay of 40 seconds, they only need 10 seconds to do so."

Thomas Windbichler

IT Department, Traunstein Hospital

New System Implemented in South-East Bavarian Clinics for Fast Access to Virtual Desktops.

Private Healthcare Provider Luz Saúde Upgrades Patient Services with All-Flash Storage

Luz Saúde, a leader in healthcare services, prioritizes community relationships alongside medical expertise. To meet growing challenges and future demands, robust IT infrastructure became essential for streamlined operations and cost efficiency.

Huawei's OceanStor Dorado solutions have revolutionized Luz Saúde's services, ensuring high performance, agility, and security. With impressive results including reduced latency and enhanced service responsiveness, Huawei's solutions enable faster application speeds and seamless user experiences. As Luz Saúde expands its partnership with Huawei, it continues to innovate healthcare in Portugal, setting new standards for quality and efficiency through advanced technology.

Huawei OceanStor Dorado 3000

Huawei OceanStor Dorado 3000 is an easy-to-use and cost-effective all-flash storage system widely applied in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Featuring Huawei-developed innovative hardware and FlashLink intelligent algorithms, the storage system combines the intelligence and efficiency of the Smart series features with the high reliability of the Hyper series features. In short, the storage system helps build a solid foundation for a modern, intelligent, and cloud-ready IT system infrastructure, and provides enterprises with unparalleled data services.

Entry-Level All-Flash Storage