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Gooxi's Trailblazing Server Solutions

Gooxi is a prominent server solution provider in China, offering independent research and development capabilities and a comprehensive industry chain covering servers and storage hardware. Their products are widely used across various sectors such as cloud computing, data centers, and artificial intelligence. Gooxi prioritizes independent R&D with a dedicated team in Shenzhen, continuously enhancing their capabilities. They operate a modern manufacturing facility in Dongguan City and have a global marketing service system with branches worldwide. With numerous intellectual property rights and strategic partnerships, Gooxi aims to be a global leader in the server industry, committed to delivering valuable solutions and innovation.


Gooxi High Density GPU Server Chassis- Spark Series

The Gooxi GPU server chassis offers a powerful 4U configuration that supports up to 10 dual-width GPU cards. This server is designed for real-time high-speed parallel computing and floating-point computations, making it ideal for a range of demanding applications. It is especially suited for high-performance computing (HPC), big data analysis, 3D graphics applications, video decoding, deep learning, and scientific computing. This versatility ensures that it can meet the complex requirements of modern data-intensive tasks.