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ServerDirect is honored to announce its designation as a Dell Gold Partner, a testament to our dedication and proficiency in Dell technologies. This esteemed partnership level signifies our comprehensive understanding of Dell's product suite, strengthened by extensive certifications and training. As a Dell Gold Partner, ServerDirect is well-equipped to provide exceptional solutions and services, leveraging exclusive access to Dell's resources to empower our clients' businesses.

Innovation isn’t a “nice to have” or something to explore when budget or capacity allows for it. It’s a business imperative.

Jen Felch
Chief Digital Officer and CIO, Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies + Students

DevOps underpins today’s modern IT architecture but what is it, how is implemented and how does it drive faster business delivery? This 6-part series presents exclusive interviews with the pioneers and practitioners of DevOps. Showcasing real-world benefits and unlocking the secrets of faster business delivery. 

Innovation Challenges: Addressing Skills Gaps and Prioritizing Strategies

The future is uncertain for organizations, with almost 6 in 10 struggling to keep up with the pace of innovation. To use resources effectively, aligning on innovation priorities is key, but this is not yet the case for many organizations. Business leaders are focusing more on immediate needs such as driving cost savings and efficiencies and increasing revenues in these uncertain economic times. While IT leaders appear to be more forward thinking and are focusing on futureproofing the organization and the transformative power of AI/ generative AI.

94% admit their organizations are facing challenges preventing them from driving innovation successfully, with the biggest barrier being a lack of needed skills and competencies. However, bridging the skills and talent gap is the least likely innovation goal – and perhaps an opportunity to rethink and innovate around current talent attraction, education, and retention programs.

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Building your innovation muscle, Together

Building a reliable innovation muscle is not accomplished in a silo or in one-off initiatives. By building a close, regular and strategic partnership between IT and the business, organizations can better align their people, processes, and technologies to act on high-impact opportunities. And you don’t need to do it alone. With Dell x ServerDirect as your innovation catalyst, you’ll overcome barriers to innovation, uncover new possibilities, and shorten time to value. Together, we’ll turn ideas into innovation and innovation into outcomes.

Tailor-Made Solutions

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Building your Innovation Muscle

In our digital world, the pace of change isn’t slowing down, and disruption is an expectation. The most successful organizations today react quickly and efficiently to carve out competitive advantages whenever they arise.
However, Dell’s 2023 Innovation Index found that only 18% of organizations can be classified as “innovative” with the right people strategies, technology, and processes to take smart and informed risks, stay agile and drive business growth. Most organizations struggle though.

To help more organizations becoming innovation leaders, Dell conducted a new study, Innovation Catalysts, based on responses from 6,600 business and IT decision-makers (BDMs and ITDMs) responsible for driving or influencing innovation in their organization from 40 countries. 3 key areas innovation leaders can thrive in and explore with Dell and ServerDirect:

  1. Build your innovation muscle
    How to make innovation part of your organization's DNA to lead in the AI-enabled world.
  2. Maximize your data insights
    How to build an innovation culture and productive work experience wher everyone thrives.
  3. Embrace human-machine partnerships
    How to design a smart, flexible and resilient infrastructure to act on your data wherever it resides.