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Chenbro's Path to Innovation and Quality

Chenbro, accredited by top-tier server brands, offers OEM, ODM, and JDM services with EMS companies. Its expansion into data centers and industrial solutions is fueled by continuous technological investment, delivering reliable server and PC chassis with innovation.

Envisioning leadership in mechatronics architecture, Chenbro focuses on delighting partners with products emphasizing speed, flexibility, and quality. Guided by integrity, it maintains trust and harmony in daily interactions, while pioneering innovations in desktop and tower PC chassis and motherboard trays solidify its industry position. Through strategic alliances, Chenbro ensures product development aligns with customer needs, while rigorous quality standards and environmental sustainability underscore its commitment to excellence.


CHENBRO SR115LCooling, Rackable Workstation Server Chassis With Liquid Cooling

SR115 with liquid cooling is the general-purpose server as a workstation to fulfill small to mid-sized enterprises‘ low-to high workload demands. An optional 12cm liquid cooling module* can improve the CPU's thermal solution and better acoustic performance.