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Kickstart Your Career as an IT Professional with Our Traineeship

IT Traineeship Account Manager

ServerDirect isn't just known as a server company; we're a Dutch no-nonsense company with a practical approach to IT challenges. All professionals with a passion for IT. In a short time, we have grown into the market leader in Europe and continue to grow. Our specialty? Tailor-made IT server solutions for professionals who demand high performance, efficiency, and reliability. Whether it's data centers, media, healthcare, aviation, security, government, or education, our servers are everywhere.

At ServerDirect, an open and social culture prevails, where there is room for flexibility and creativity. Our office offers an inspiring work environment and is easily accessible by public transport.

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? We are always looking for talented young professionals who want to strengthen our team.

Hey Sales Champion!
Have you recently graduated or are you about to complete your studies in Junior Account Manager or ICT?

You are willing to develop yourself into a T-shaped professional: you have specialized knowledge and at the same time, you can look beyond the boundaries of your field and connect with people from other disciplines.

Then an IT traineeship at ServerDirect is the perfect start to your career. Discover the possibilities within our IT traineeship and experience why a traineeship at ServerDirect is the right choice for your professional development.

Kickstart your career in Information Technology with a Traineeship
During a traineeship, the combination of learning and working is central. After your studies, you have gained the necessary knowledge, it's just a different story to apply it in practice. That's what you learn at ServerDirect.

As a trainee, you fully participate in the Sales department. The goal of following a traineeship is therefore to be trained as a Sales specialist within the technical hardware industry. Within the IT traineeship, you will actively work in the technical assembly department. After this, you will be personally trained and guided by our professionals to update your technical knowledge and work on your personal development.

Your fresh perspective and energy are what make our team stronger and our solutions more innovative.

The traineeship is a tailor-made development program for ambitious recent graduates. The IT traineeship lasts 12 to 24 months depending on your background, interests, and ambitions. Together with a team of experienced professionals, you will develop your technical and sales skills in practice, preparing you optimally for a successful career at ServerDirect.

The benefits of a traineeship in IT
Following a traineeship in technology offers various benefits for your career.

We have listed these benefits for you so that you can assess whether a traineeship suits you well:

Personal Development
Your development is central. We ensure that you receive the right guidance so that you can utilize your qualities and truly excel in this field within IT. You get the opportunity to develop both your soft skills and hard skills, with a steep learning curve that focuses on your personal growth.
Job Security
The prospect of work in the IT sector can be a source of peace and security for your future. As an IT Sales Specialist, you have the prospect of a permanent contract at ServerDirect.
Learning to Think in Solutions
IT professionals are known for their analytical thinking. During a traineeship in IT, you not only learn specific skills but also how to think in solutions. The ability to come up with creative solutions to complex problems is a valuable skill, not only within IT but also in many other areas of work.
Expansion of Your Network
By working in the Sales department, you get to know a wide variety of stakeholders. This not only expands your professional network but also offers valuable opportunities for collaboration and growth.
Dynamic Industry
Developments within the IT industry follow each other rapidly. So, you don't have to worry that your job will become boring or one-sided. If there's one sector where you can always keep learning and growing, it's IT. Even after completing your traineeship, you will constantly acquire new knowledge and continue to develop.

Are you ready for a flying start to your IT career? Discover our IT traineeship and let your talents shine!
You are responsible for the success of the traineeship, but that certainly doesn't mean you have to do it alone. Your colleagues are happy to help you further develop your commercial skills.

With a competitive starting salary, depending on your background, interests, and ambitions, we offer a solid foundation for your growth. After successfully completing the traineeship, you will receive a warm welcome to our team, with a permanent contract and very attractive bonus opportunities. Ready to start your IT journey? Apply now and let's shape your future together!

Are you convinced that an IT traineeship is best suited to you and your career? Then send your motivation and CV directly, and we will contact you soon.

Become Part of Our Success Story

Our team consists of trained technicians and technical salespeople with years of experience in the server industry, supporting our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of the delivered servers. In addition to extensive expertise in the development of specific systems, we also offer comprehensive support packages.

Are you the professional who can strengthen our team and make an impact while working on challenging IT projects in an inspiring environment? Apply now and be part of our growing success story!

Do you have any questions or want to know more about the opportunities at ServerDirect? Feel free to contact us.

Why Work at ServerDirect?

At ServerDirect, we believe in the growth and development of our employees, offering unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional growth. Work on innovative technologies and challenging server solutions in IT hardware and infrastructure, while making an impact on our lives and our environment. Expand your IT network by joining ServerDirect and stay quickly informed of new developments and information.

Furthermore, our office provides an inspiring work environment, with entertainment facilities such as air hockey, racing simulators, and darts, as well as a lounge to relax and even a sports room to stay fit. You can bring your own sandwiches, but ServerDirect provides lunch every day. There is also ample parking space in front of the door, and we are easily accessible by public transport.

Open Application

Join Our Team: Send Your Open Application to ServerDirect
An open application at ServerDirect gives you the opportunity to present yourself as a valuable addition to our team, even if there are no specific vacancies available. We are always looking for talented individuals who share our passion for innovation and excellence. By sending an open application, you demonstrate that you are proactive and interested in contributing to our company. Your application allows us to assess your skills and experience and determine how your talents can be utilized within our team. We look forward to your motivation and ambitions and are ready to discover how you can contribute to the success of ServerDirect.