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Shape Your IT Future with Our Internship Opportunities

IT Internship

ServerDirect isn't just known as a server company; we're a Dutch no-nonsense company with a practical approach to IT challenges. All professionals with a passion for IT. In a short time, we have grown into the market leader in Europe and continue to grow. Our specialty? Tailor-made IT server solutions for professionals who demand high performance, efficiency, and reliability. Whether it's data centers, media, healthcare, aviation, security, government, or education, our servers are everywhere.

At ServerDirect, an open and social culture prevails, where there is room for flexibility and creativity. Our office offers an inspiring work environment and is easily accessible by public transport.

Are you eager to advance your career in IT? We are continuously seeking motivated young professionals who are enthusiastic about enhancing our team through an engaging internship. Join us to gain invaluable industry experience and contribute to our innovative projects.

Hey Digital Pioneer!
As an intern at ServerDirect, you are part of the team, and together we look at how you can work on your learning objectives and truly contribute to our products. During your internship at ServerDirect, we maximize your internship and work on your development together.

Initially, you will get acquainted with the organization and briefly intern in various departments. Then we establish your personal goals and work on your development with a focused graduation and/or internship assignment.

For which educations?
For every student, MBO education level 3 - 4 with an affinity in the direction of IT.

ICT Education
MBO – Expert IT systems & devices
MBO – Allround medewerker ICT
MBO – ICT Support and systems
MBO – Service medewerker

Economics and Administration Education
MBO – Commercieel medewerker
MBO – Junior Accountmanager

What you will learn?
•  Assembling servers; 
•  Collaborating with different professional teams;
•  Converting objectives into practical assignments;
•  Thinking creatively, independently, and as part of a team to solve complex problems;
•  Commercial skills;
•  Working structurally and project-based;
•  English language.

You don't have to make coffee with us; we want you for your qualities and give you the best opportunity to learn! We are looking for a driven person who feels at home in a young creative environment.

We offer a challenging internship in a pleasant environment and a friendly team. You will have the opportunity to develop and grow during your internship.

Job Guarantee
After an internship at ServerDirect B.V., you are guaranteed a job with excellent performance. You start with our onboarding program and go through internal training as a junior assembler, after which you can specialize in assembly to become an expert.

Develop your skills in server solutions, storage technologies, and network hardware, and let your talent flourish with our expert team. At ServerDirect, your success is central, with guaranteed career opportunities.

Do you want to gain experience in the dynamic world of IT? Then come intern at ServerDirect! During your internship in our assembly department, you will not only receive an internship allowance but also have the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience. After your internship, we offer you the opportunity to continue your career in our assembly department. But if your interest lies more in the commercial side of IT, there is also room for growth at ServerDirect! You can further apply for our IT traineeship for Junior Accountmanager. Discover your possibilities and make a flying start in the IT industry at ServerDirect!

Are you convinced that an internship in the IT industry is the best fit for you and your career? Then send us your motivation and CV directly, and we will contact you soon. See you soon!

Become Part of Our Success Story

Our team consists of trained technicians and technical salespeople with years of experience in the server industry, supporting our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of the delivered servers. In addition to extensive expertise in the development of specific systems, we also offer comprehensive support packages.

Are you the professional who can strengthen our team and make an impact while working on challenging IT projects in an inspiring environment? Apply now and be part of our growing success story!

Do you have any questions or want to know more about the opportunities at ServerDirect? Feel free to contact us.

Why Work at ServerDirect?

At ServerDirect, we believe in the growth and development of our employees, offering unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional growth. Work on innovative technologies and challenging server solutions in IT hardware and infrastructure, while making an impact on our lives and our environment. Expand your IT network by joining ServerDirect and stay quickly informed of new developments and information.

Furthermore, our office provides an inspiring work environment, with entertainment facilities such as air hockey, racing simulators, and darts, as well as a lounge to relax and even a sports room to stay fit. You can bring your own sandwiches, but ServerDirect provides lunch every day. There is also ample parking space in front of the door, and we are easily accessible by public transport.

Open Application

Join Our Team: Send Your Open Application to ServerDirect
An open application at ServerDirect gives you the opportunity to present yourself as a valuable addition to our team, even if there are no specific vacancies available. We are always looking for talented individuals who share our passion for innovation and excellence. By sending an open application, you demonstrate that you are proactive and interested in contributing to our company. Your application allows us to assess your skills and experience and determine how your talents can be utilized within our team. We look forward to your motivation and ambitions and are ready to discover how you can contribute to the success of ServerDirect.