Supermicro 2U High Frequency Trading Server (HFT), 8x 3.5 inch, 1x Intel Core i9-7920X (8 cores locked at 4.9GHz), 8x 8GB at 4000MHz speed, 1x 240GB SSD, Redundant PSU
SKU: SM2U-08HS02NH-I1R-H001

At Finance Trading it is important that the trades are executed as quickly as possible with minimal latency. ServerDirect has configured and tested a High Frequency Trading Server (HFT) in collaboration with Supermicro. The system is set up so that 4 of the 12 cores are switched off, but the remaining 8 cores are overclocked per core and fixed at 4.9GHz. The memory runs at 4000MHz. To be able to run the processor stable at that speed, we use a closed loop liquid cooling solution. This combination ensures that the system is extremely suitable for financial trading. 2U Chassis with redundant Power Supply X299 Motherboard Intel Core i9-7920X Processor (Overclocked to 4.9Ghz per core, limited to 8 cores) Closed Loop Liquid Cooling 8x8GB DDR4 4000Mhz UDIMM Memory 240GB SSD for Operating System SolarFlare network card