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Innovative Server Solutions Provider

TYAN is a leading technology company specializing in server solutions. At its core, TYAN focuses on designing and manufacturing high-performance server hardware tailored to meet the demanding needs of data centers, cloud computing, and enterprise environments. Their product lineup includes server motherboards, barebones systems, and server accessories, offering customers comprehensive solutions for building robust and scalable server infrastructure.

Driving Performance and Reliability

TYAN's unique selling proposition lies in its commitment to delivering cutting-edge server technology that prioritizes performance, reliability, and flexibility. With a focus on innovation and quality, TYAN empowers businesses to optimize their IT infrastructure for maximum efficiency and productivity. Through value-added services such as customization options, rigorous testing procedures, and ongoing support, TYAN ensures that customers can deploy and maintain their server infrastructure with confidence, driving success and innovation in the industry.


Transport HX FT65T-B8050
Single-socket Deskside AI/HPC server supporting multiple GPU cards
(The products in the video are for illustration only. The actual product shipped may vary.)